Renovo for Boats & Aircraft



While Renovo's range of products was originally formulated for cars, the products soon caught on in the boating fraternity.  Boaties found that Renovo is ideal for cleaning canvas and our Reviver will return the colour of faded canvas biminis and other covers, finished off with Ultra Proofer to reseal and protect.  Our Vinyl Cleaner and Ultra Proofer are perfectly suited to clean and protect vinyl seats and covers. And, don't forget our Plastic Polish for cleaning plastic and perspex windows and portholes.

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You don't have to be a fighter pilot to know that a clean canopy is essential to flight safety, particularly when flying into the sun.  Glare from discoloured or hazed 'plastic' canopies and screens can significantly impede your vision.  Renovo Plastic Polish has been shown to restore canopies at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Pilot Magazine (UK)

I've used (Renovo Plastic Polish) on a well-worn, 25 year old windshield of a Gruman AA-5 and I could easily see just what a distinct improvement the Renovo polish made to pilot vision, 'healing' many of the hairline scratches. The result is quite amazing; it isn't 'as new' but it is very much the better for its treatment.  

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