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December 2017

Hi Neil,

I ordered some product last year and gave it a go on my Mercedes Benz E220 cabriolet. It worked a treat, so well I have written an article for the Mercedes Benz Car Club magazine, so you can expect an influx of orders.  I am happy to refer other Benz Club members, and this article will be read by about 5000 club members in Victoria.  Part of Chris' article:

"This product really works to clean, restore colour and water proof your soft-top. The numbers of people who have commented in how good the condition of my 1995 original soft-top amazes me, and this is solely down to the Renovo restoration process.
If you’re looking to looking to put some life back into your old soft-top then this a great way to clean, dye and water proof your roof to make it look brand new for a fraction of the price of replacement. 
As the video says, Don’t Replace it, Renovo it…"



New South Wales

November 2017

Amazing transformation of my 40 year old Stag top.  Great poducts and service!




November 2017

The photos don't do it justice but Reviver treatment on my 10 year old DB9 brought it back to almost new.  Great products!





Pro Valeter & Detailer (UK)



Renovo Australia

May 2017

I am often asked about soft top waterproofing and when it should be done.  Well before you get dripped on inside is best!  Test your top by pouring some water on a flat area - it should "bead" not soak in.  If you are not sure what bead means, this is my Saab after a shower:

If you don't have beading then you need Renovo Fabric Ultra Proofer urgently!


Tony D


November  2016

JBA Falcon before and after a colour change with Black Reviver



TKC Magazine (UK)


Great article with lots of photos on restoring the hood on a MGF VVC.


Sarah B


February 2016

My Lamborghini Gallardo in progress ...



Sven Baker

New Zealand

April 2015

I used Renovo on my 67 E Type and results are amazing! A very sun faded top has been transformed into an as new finished top. Not many products deliver on their promise like this.  Most impressive.



United Kingdom

April 2015


I doubted that any cleaning process could save my 20 year old Audi soft top, it looked too far gone.
The stains and mould growth were just awful from years of being parked beneath a tree. But I decided to give Renovo a try. The result is truly stunning the roof looks new.
The process is a complete renovation, all stains are removed with the cleaning solution which I applied and left on to do its work for the maximum recommended time [about an hour]. I then scrubbed with a nail brush and hot water which raised the thick green mould and bird dirt to the surface. Then rinsed thoroughly. When left to dry the top was completely clear of stains just fantastic!!.The second part is like a dying process applied with a brush and evens out any faded colour. Finally a water-proofing solution which actually worked after one coat, the second coat quite difficult to apply being repelled by the first.
Not only has the soft top been saved but also the car which is probably worth less than the price of a new top.
5 stars are not enough for this product. Just brilliant!!!




Caloundra, QLD

September 2014

Thank you for these great products. When I'd finished a weekend of cleaning, dyeing, and waterproofing my 1990 Capri my wife came out to the garage & said "when did you buy the new roof?"...in that tone that only wives have. I just said "thanks for the compliment". I'll get more product in 6 months to redo the waterproofing after the wet season.


Gold Coast

August 2014

I tried your plastic cleaner on my cloudy plastic headlght lenses - they were so bad it was either that or replace them.  I took some photos to make sure I could tell if it worked:

Very impressive result that saved me several hundred dollars in replacement costs.  Thanks.


Sport Pilot magazine (Australia) - October 2013

"Renovo's Plastic Window Polish is beginning to establish itself as an aviation product for cleaning and polishing perspex canopies and windshields.  The light aeroplane windshield quickly loses the clarity it had when new once its been dusted,washed down and flown through variable air conditions.  Microscopic scratches eventually make it a challenge to land into a setting sun.  Renovo Plastic Polish can fix that.  Renovo also makes a cleaner which removes bird-droppings, salt, leaf gum and general gunge from an aircraft cover without harming its water proofing; an ultra proofer which reproofs the cover, contains an ultra-violet inhibitor and resists mould and mildew; and a colour Reviver to smarten up the appearance of your parked machine."


Triumph Owners Club WA magazine (October 2013).  Member's story on restoring a 30 year old canvas top on a Stag with Renovo.


TKC magazine (UK).  Great feature article on restoring a 17 year old MGF VVC hood with Renovo


Classics Monthly magazine (UK).  Great feature article on maintaining MX5 hoods, including a full Renovo treatment.


Convertible Car Magazine

Convertible Car Magazine UK).  Great feature article on restoring a 16 year old BMW 3 series hood with Renovo.


Eva and Brian

Perth, Western Australia


We have by now successfully applied the cleaner and conditioner products on our yachts' dodger but are yet to do the Bimini. This has given us the opportunity to compare and contrast!

The cleaner was really effective on restoring the look and colour of both our dodger and cockpit cushions. No need for the intermediate colour restorer in our instance. The conditioner is outstanding too even though the 2nd coat hasn't been applied! In fact getting that 2nd coat on is going to be devilishly difficult since anything wet just beads and rolls off like mercury!

I'm singing the praises of your products to all our yachtie friends. I'm so glad one of them loaned me a UK copy of "Practical Boating" in which I read some reviews and advertising material for Renovo.

I hope you will feel encouraged to advertise here through Cruising Helmsman or the boat shows.... You've got a fabulous product which seems to be delivering on expectation (can't realistically make an assessment yet on the UV protectant aspect) is easy to apply and by enabling a bit more longevity in our above deck canvass will save a lot of money!

Observing the newly waterproofed canvas side by side with our still to be treated Bimini is like a contrast of night and day. Absolutely sensational outcome!! Go Renovo!

Many thanks again.



Canberra, Australia


Just used your RENOVO Canvas Cleaner, Reviver and Ultra Proofer over Easter 2013 on my 2006 Mazda MX-5 NC after someone from the Mazda MX-5 Australia club recommended a try. And I was BLOWN away!! Totally like a new soft top. The fading and white patches which was on the soft top magically disappeared after treatment.

The step by step guide on your website was very easy to follow.

This is my third MX-5 I have owned and should of known and used RENOVO earlier, totally amazing!!



We were pleased to receive a two page feature article ("Saab Maintenance") in Edition One, 2012 of Saab Missions - the official magazine of the Saab Car Club of Australia.  As the owner of a 9-3 convertible I appreciate the support we have from Saab owners across the country but many of you are not members of the club and miss out on a great experience and support from other Saabies.  Please have a look at the Saab club website - you won't regret it!


August 2012



Melbourne, Victoria


Hi Neil,

Just wanting to let you know, that after receiving your products last week and using them, my Saab roof does not leak anymore!  I was amazed at how easy it was to fix the problem of having a shower in my car every time it rained!  It is fantastic, and believe me, with all the rain we've had in Melbourne this week, it has well and truly been tested!  Thank you so much for providing a fantastic product and all your help.  I will certainly be buying the products again and definitely recommending them to others!

 Thank you again!


Sydney, New South Wales


Hi, just wanted to say I used the product (Renovo Plastic Polish) yesterday and it cleaned all the portlights up like new - and they were really bad.  (read Kim's blog and see before and after photos -  click here)


Sydney, New South Wales


Just to let you know that the Renovo plastic polish did a great job on the Hyundai lenses. I polished until the cloth was no longer showing a yellow tea-staining colour. It would seem that 90% of the discolouration was on the outside of the lens, not inside. While I was at it I did the side repeaters and rear clusters too. Looking lovely.

Pacific pam

Capri Convertible forum

Cloudy rear window on soft tops

I seldom have my soft top up.  On the rare occasions that I do I notice (especially with the sun behind me) that I could hardly see out of the rear window  because of the cloudiness. I found a product on line…Renovo Window Polish...I used it today. The manufacturer recommends two or three applications. I have done just one application so far and I cannot believe the difference. My window is clear. No, I have no connection with Renovo. ha ha ha .  I thought others with the same problem would like the information.


Riley Motor Club Victoria Magazine


Back in the November 2010 Blue Diamond I reported on a test of the Renovo Soft Top Canvas Cleaner and promised a report on the Renovo Ultra Proofer in the next Blue Diamond. Well it is a bit a late!  

The products under review were purchased from Renovo Australia on line at www.renovoaustralia.com.au   

You may remember that I summed up the Soft Top Canvas Cleaner as a great product. I have used it three times now and have enough left for one more clean.  

The test on the Ultra Proofer is a follows:

Once again the product and process was very simple and gentle on the hood. After a dry brush and vacuum and another clean the Ultra Proofer was applied with a 2" paint brush. A second coat was applied as instructed once the hood was completely dry (next day). There was just enough product to get the second coat on the hood (the droppy’s hood area is quite large). The surplus product that dripped down the glass and paintwork was easily removed with a dry cloth and left no residue following a wash. 

I applied the proofer just after the National Rally but I had to wait until the Orbost weekend run for the opportunity to test it. With the car left out in the open a heavy dew collected on everything during the first night. I noticed that the hood had not wetted out and the moisture sat on top of the hood in tiny droplets. It did not take anywhere near as long for the hood to dry out enough to fold down. We had a decent shower or two during the second night for a bit of intense testing and once again the hood had that dry look about it and the water beaded up. By 9.30am on a cold, dry morning the hood appeared dry enough to fold down.


I will use the Renovo products again and recommend them to members. I wonder if I had used them earlier if the life and colour of the hood would have been extended. I suppose we’ll find out when the time comes to replace the top.  In short – again a great product.


The product and process was very gentle on the hood; dry brush and vacuum first, applied the product with a 2" paint brush, left for half an hour then scrubbed using warm water and a sponge giving a bit more effort over the hood bows and finished by rinsing off with water.


The result was very impressive. The discolouration from ingrained dirt over the hood bows and some marks that I had not been able to remove in the past had all gone. The tiny spots around the rear quarters survived but were far less obvious. I have enough product left for perhaps another three or four cleans.  In short – great product.



Adelaide, South Australia  

When I ordered your vinyl cleaner and ultra proofer for my ‘B’ I really didn’t know what to expect.  I have only ever cleaned my top with car wash but it looked the same before and after.  What a shock when I hosed off your vinyl cleaner!  The colour of the water coming off was disgusting – brownish gunk.  After 2 coats of ultraproofer I look like I have a new top.  Fantastic.  No more carwash stuff on my top.



I have a Porsche Boxster and your (Renovo International) initial answer to my inquiry about dyeing the top from white to dark blue prompted me to dye it.  I did receive the proofer today, thank you.   

I dyed it 5 times but 4 probably would have been okay; I wanted to be sure. 

Anyway, it looks great - thank you.

Please don't panic when you see these photos.  There is no need to cover your car in plastic and masking tape when applying Reviver or Ultra Proofer - just wipe off any drips with a damp cloth!



Gold Coast, Queensland

 My Alfa's roof was by no means a disaster but it had faded to an unattractive shade of grey. As you can see from the before and after photos, the Renovo treatment of Canvas Cleaner, Reviver and Ultra Proofer has almost returned it to a as new appearance.  The photos say it all!



Currumbin, Queensland

I used RENOVO Canvas Cleaner, Reviver and Ultra Proofer on my faded 10 year old Saab soft top in January 2009. The photo was taken in July 2010 - 18 months years after application and still looking good, despite the harsh Queensland environment of intense sunlight and teeming rains.

I found RENOVO did exactly as promised.  All three processes were easy to do, and the roof looked like new when done and I have enough product left for at least another two treatments in the years ahead!

Before and After - MG RV8

Private owner - Switzerland.  Photos say it all!




Toowoomba, Queensland


I always thought my weekend hobby car – a 10-year-old Mazda MX-5 NB series – looked quite respectable, even though its black vinyl soft-top was showing signs of greying.


Water restrictions where I live in south-east Queensland prevent regular washing – and besides, the top is usually stowed under the tonneau cover. My attitude to open-top motoring can be summarised: If it looks like rain, leave the car in the garage.

When I was introduced to Renovo I was hesitant, thinking mild detergent and warm water always worked in the past. How wrong I was.  


I found the vinyl soft top cleaner true to its claim of “the ultimate” and was amazed at the deep brown colour of the rinsing water. Two applications of the cleaner alone made my soft top appear almost like new. 

After I applied the Renovo Ultra Proofer with UV inhibitor the top didn’t look much different from how it was the day I brought the MX-5 home. I have every confidence Renovo will not only protect my investment but help with resisting stains and avoiding fading.  I have no hesitation in recommending Renovo to anyone who enjoys wind-in-the-hair motoring.





Gold Coast, Queensland


My 1998 Boxter's canvas top had developed a number of fold marks which made it look rather "patchy" and I was never particularly happy with the white stitching on the panels.  I applied Renovo Canvas Cleaner (a must do!), Black Reviver and Ultra Proofer and had enough left over for next time.  As you can see from the photos, the difference is remarkable.





Sydney, New South Wales

Detail Paradise Forums (www.detailparadise.com.au)

Q:  Hey all. I some how managed to get (product) on my clear plastic on my speedo. Is there any way to remove the white stains? Or at minimum reduce the appearance 


A:  Renovo Polish might be the go. I used it once on a milky speedo on my old Hilux (damaged by previous owner). It worked for me. 



Practical Boat Owner Magazine (UK)

March 2012 Edition

Please note there is an error in this article - it should read Canvas Ultra Proofer not Vinyl Ultra Proofer.  PBO will print a correction in the next edition.


Self Review - Renovo Australia

Renovo Plastic Polish

I have been asked on a number of occasions whether our Plastic Polish will clean hard plastic bits on cars (trim, etc).  I have been reluctant to make extravagant claims because I hadn't tried it myself so I tested it on OUR Saab which has grey plastic strips along the doors and on top of the front and rear bumpers.  It is supposed to be a mid-grey colour with a light lustre but had faded to a dull light grey.  As you can see from the pictures the Plastic Polish did a good job with just one application.  Might try again after the cricket...

Neil McAllister

 Managing Director

Renovo Australia Pty Ltd



AutoGeek - USA

January 2012

Read this great Renovo review from one of the USA's most popular auto enthusiasts websites:  


Courier Mail Newspaper 

25 June 2011




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