Caring for Plastic Windows and Head Light Lenses

Although not as common as they used to be, there are still many convertibles on the road fitted with "plastic" rear wndows, and on some cars, "plastic" side windows. These windows are called "clears" in the trade.  Unfortunately clears deteriorate over time often becoming cloudy or yellowish.  This is largely a result of grime trapped in microscopic scratches and chemical contamination from sources such as vinyl upholstery.  Remember the new car smell in cars with vinyl seats and trim, that was mainly due to vinyl sweating - VW Beetles were notorious for it.

Provided clears have not been permanently damaged by attempts to clean them with stuff like (real examples!) kero, metho, glass window cleaners or other domestic cleaning products Renovo Plastic Polish should restore them to good or very good condition. However, it is important to clean both sides of the clears which is easier if you can remove the top or clears from the car.

The best way to look after your clears is to only ever clean them with a soft cloth using warm water with a splash of dishwashing soap.  Don't use car shampoo as many contain waxes that are fine for paint work but not clears.

Renovo Plastic Polish also works wonders on plastic head light lenses provided that the problem is only on the outside of the lens - sometimes it is on the inside which is an impossible problem when dealing with one-piece sealed units.  You can use Renovo Plastic Polish on virtually any plastic product - one customer used it to clean his wrist heat monitor screen, and another, the eyes on a valuable collector doll!